Portrait 2021 / Michi

Pic: Michael Landl

Lisa Arnberger • hello@missfelidae.com
instagram / behanced

Lisa Arnberger is a freelance illustrator from Austria. Alias Missfelidae Illustration, she has been creating an often surreal world of colors and shapes,

lines and dots, illusions and illustrations with great attention to details.
Her great love of nature and the fantastic is reflected in the floral and animal elements that she knows how to stage in her work.

As a viewer, you can let yourself be carried away by the created worlds and playful details. The chosen way of working can be described as diverse, because the spectrum ranges from detailed ink drawings to gouache/acrylic paintings in strong colors to digital graphics and illustrations for musicians and bands.

Among other things, she also creates detailed lead sujets for music festivals like the popular LAKE ON FIRE FESTIVAL, KRACH AM BACH, stages well-known and lesser-known acts in a manner appropriate to the genre and conjures up gig posters for locations such as ARENA Vienna, VIPER ROOM, KAPU and others from time to time.

2018, she also attracted international attention: The advertising trade magazine Lürzers' Archive published 9 of her works in the worldwide special edition "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide".

Selected Clients Commercial:

Welt der Frauen, MissMagazin, Bäckerei Honeder, Estermann, Bubble Days, Brauunion, Red Bull, Josef & Yuki, Sonnenmoor, Silhouette, Klimabündniss OÖ, Smash, d.signwerk, Cima - Marie Papers, OÖKultur, URBAN NATURE Hotel, fritz kola,…

Selected Clients Music:

Emma Ruth Rundle, Motorpsycho, Nothing, Colour Haze, Karma to Burn, The Vintage Caravan, Lylit, Lake on Fire, Krach am Bach, Monocluster, Conclave, Great Rift, Mother's Cake, Blonder Engel, Ultima Radio, Vulvarine, OKH Vöcklabruck, Gei Music Club, Panta.Re, Stonfree Records, Arena Wien, Kapu Linz, töchterundsöhne, …


2019 Graphic Vienna Extended, Wien Museum, Wien, AT
2023 Vienna International Gig Poster Show, WUK, Wien, AT


2015 KuK am Ring, Wels, AT
2015 PERSPEKTIVEN ATTERSEE, Artist in Residence, Attersee, AT
2016 NEXTCOMIC Festival, OK, Linz, AT
2016 „Viele Schöne Striche“, Schlot, Linz, AT
2016 „Die 4 in der 5“, DH5, Linz, AT
2017 INDIE NATUR Vol. 2, Beilstein, Hessen, DE
2018 „Komisch, Absurd, Verrückt – der Hutmacher, seine seltsamen Freunde und ihr Fest“, Next Comic Festival, OK, Linz, AT
2018 OKH, Vöcklabruck, AT
2018 „Amica Naturae“, Kulturverein MARK, MarKart, Salzburg, AT
2019 Vinyl & Music Festival 2019, Gigpostershow, Ottakringer Brauerei, Wien, AT
2019 heilig.tabu.geliebt, Evangelische Parrgemeinde, Linz, AT
2020 NEXTCOMIC Festival, OK, Linz, AT
2020 NEXTCOMIC Festival, Salzamt, Linz, AT
2020 „Amica Naturae“, ABC, Ansfelden, AT
2022 NEXTCOMIC Festival, Kulturverein Röder, Steyr, AT
2022 THE RAW STUFF, KAPU, Linz und Wien, AT
2022 SBÄM FEST, Tabakfabrik, Linz, AT
2023 NEXTCOMIC Festival, Galerie der Stadt Traun, AT
2023 THE RAW STUFF II, KAPU, Linz und Wien, AT
2023 Flatstock #89, Reeperbahn-Festival, Hamburg, DE
2023 Vienna International Gig Poster Show, WUK, Wien, AT


2018 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide, Lürzers` Archive
2022 OX Fanzine / #160 / PunkART
2022 THE RAW STUFF #2 

Part of:

Illustration Ladys Linz, Lohnzeichnergilde OÖ, THE RAW STUFF, Alpine Art (Isolationcamp)